My mates at Mindscape have been working on an awesome product called LightSpeed. I haven’t had been able to use it in a commercial  setting yet (although some co-workers have – lucky devils 🙂 ) but I have been tinkering throughout their complete beta program and think there could be some awesome tool support put around this product to make it even that much better.  So… I decided to start an opensource project called LightSpeedContrib (I’ll put it public when I have some code stubs mocked up and ready to go in) sitting under the CodePlex site. The idea being that any generic supporting “stuff” surrounding LightSpeed could sit in here. Initially I see the following going in:

  1. A complete rework of LightGen (a little domain class to sql file generator and sql to class file generator that I cut over a couple of nights a while ago) and recompile to the released version of LightSpeed. Initially break this into just a console app and a MyGeneration template. If someone (or even me 🙂 ) wants to write a Windows Forms/WPF version then that could go in later.
  2. Some more validators – write some extra validators/get people using LightSpeed to put in any reusable validators so everyone can benefit 🙂
  3. Anything else people think is relevant. As a side project, a couple of nights ago I started looking into getting MonoRail sitting over LightSpeed (scaffolding support etc – got the basics going – yeyah!). Maybe these type of components could go in too… More info on MonoRail on LightSpeed to come 🙂

Any thoughts?

Keep an eye open for when the community site goes up too – the more interest the more its likely to take off/get some dedicated input 🙂


3 Responses to “LightSpeedContrib”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Cheers James! Good stuff.

  2. facts amusing Says:

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  3. keelyanderson38695 Says:

    al caghetto fulminante, aggiungerei anche FORFORA, ALITOSI ed EMORROIDI! Come on

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