NHibernate 1.2.0 Alpha

This has been out for a little while… but I just thought I’d post a couple of bits I noticed in going forward.

1) Find is being deprecated – the new query stuff seems to look pretty tight and makes it heaps better – gives the comfort of some compile time checks which we all love 🙂

2) You now need to supply an interface for each of your mapped classes (well this is what I seemed to have to do when I recompiled my solution and ran it up). Fortunatelly I already had interfaces for each of my mapped classes but I had to add the following to the mapping file (the little proxy bit):

<class name=”Mappings.Client,TestConsole” proxy=”Mappings.IClient,Mappings”  table=”[Client]”>

 That seemed to get me to a point where I could just run my app that I had originally written on 1.0.2 🙂 Hopefully that helps someone else out there get there 1.0.2 stuff running smoothly on the new build 🙂


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