Xbox360 and DivX (VLC360)

So the Xbox360 got released here on the 23rd of March and for a start I wasn't really planning on getting one (go the ps3 in November 😀 ) but then we decided to go for a little "look". Well….. yeah….. it was raining so the weekend was going to be an inside one…. and November is a long time away…… so yup – before we knew it we were on a mission to Johnsonville (town had sold out) to get one and a couple of hours later we were back getting it all fired up!

I wont go into a talk on the console but my briefest discussion on it is: games are cool, wireless controllers are awesome, os/user interface is very easy to use/well put together, the unit does get hot so dont stand/lie in on the carpet (i got some graphics glitches after about 4 hours of game time – PGR3 – don't know how hard this drives the unit it but it looks like it would be a good test?), its a shame it doesnt support more codecs etc out of the box… but anyway read on 🙂 (/\ndrew sent me a link today of a guy with some water cooling 😀 pretty cool but I think I'll stick with the fans).

Ok so the xbox is running but now I wanted to play my videos, music etc etc. Ah – you need a Windows Media PC (or do you? 😛 ) I couldnt really afford a media pc so I decided to try out the old virtual machine – and it worked! ðŸ˜€ First I stopped off at and got a free download of VMware Server – very easy to use, performant, and has just become free (or for a time? I'm not to sure on this one), installed Windows XP into a virtual machine with SP2 and then put the Windows Media Center install over the top.

Then I connected up the xbox to the lan and it game me a code when I fired up Media Center on the remote, went to the website and did the 80M download (dont do the small one – 7M one – this will install the software but doesnt ask for the xbox code and it doesnt want to work). All cool – the xbox was now talking to my VM 🙂 I shared up my music and the xbox was away – Now for the video…

First I tried this one (and yeah it does look like it would work – but it didnt want to for me – I'm not sure if the video wasnt supported (Media Encoder loved it, along with Media Player) or maybe I just didnt set something up right….(btw good work to all the guys out there working on all of this stuff – its really cool! – more and more seems to be popping up everyday) ) so I then went on a scout  and found a version of our friend VLC for the 360 here 🙂 .

Its called VLC360 and it just works! Map your network drives (so it can see them and you are away!) My videos are now streaming from my VM pc down to the 360 through a network share off my normal pc – No extra pc needed! 🙂 Its just like I was playing the videos on my pc and seems to be really good quality. I have a 64 bit 3200+ with 2G of RAM and it seems to sit at about 35% CPU utalization – the network traffic is pretty much nil – no hanging, glitching or anything. Really cool – If you have a 360/planning on getting one and you need divx then this install comes highly recommended – and yep – the VM's are a cheap/good option too 🙂


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