Ruby Books

Ok so I havent read all of these yet (see the post above any you'll work it out 😉 – there has been lots of other work in there as well) but from what I have read they seem to answer a lot of what I need to know about Ruby / RoR and are really well put together. These are the books "Agile Web Development with Rails" and "Programming Ruby".

The second book explains the syntax – heavy in a way but good – and the first book is really a leap into Ruby on Rails and a lot of the bits that put it together. It expains things simply and clearly and takes you through a RoR solution from the standard layout right through to deployment and the things you will come across along the way. It is far from a 10 step tutorial but is a really good book to get running with 🙂 I would highly recommend both of these books to anyone that wants to dive in and have a party with Ruby / RoR 🙂


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