RoR – gem and Authentication

The package tool (I don’t know too much here – just enough to get into trouble) for RoR is gem. Following on from the previous post you run gem from the command prompt as well (run the script “use_ruby.cmd” everytime you come to use ruby from Instant Rails after a reboot/shutdown if you havn’t put it in the system path).

Gem is really cool because you can update your packages/install new packages all from the prompt and find out what is available all really quickly – this is normally how I find out about a feature – while looking for something else. To practise with this first I ran: gem list –local > “c:\local_gem.txt”. This will dump out all the locally installed ruby packages to a file and I then ran: gem list –remote > “c:\remote_gem.txt” to get a list of all the packages available from the main ruby site (theres lots).

Comparing the two files I noticed my rake version was not the latest so to get it up to date (and have a little practise) I ran: gem install rake. This installed the new version and I was all set to go! Cool 🙂 Following on from this I wanted to get some authentication going on my site – one command later: gem install login_generator, and I was already to go 🙂

Heres a page: Login Generator on getting some login functionality going – very fast and it does just work 🙂 I haven’t looked into the security model yet and I see theres a few other options but initially I was just like – wow – this is so cool – this is how I have always thought it should work but have had to deal with all sorts of other rubbish just to get something working….(I won’t say what these products are 😉 ).

The best thing about RoR I have seen so far is that to get something to work its easy – only if I want to do something really fancy does it look to become a bit trickier – its not really difficult straight off the bat – very cool!


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