Active Directory dropping groups? .Net 1.1

Recently I had a project that the tech boys moved from 1 server to another after some server problems – at first it seemed to be running well but then an AD nightmare unfolded! The AD component runs nightly and puts various users into different groups. One of these groups is quite large and we found that after adding a user almost 70,000 other users would get kicked from the group – what was going on? It had been working fine for a long time – why it would it decide to die now? There’s a few components to the system and we knew we were only ever adding users to groups – how could they ever be removed? After trying a whole heap of different things we decided to scrap through the source – this lead one of the guys to finding this article:

Arrrhhh – because the box was setup quickly to get the site back up running some critical patches had been overlooked – but what a poor bug! Watch out for that one! Lucky 2.0 is in full flight now a 🙂


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