Post it up – Coding Environments

I thought I better say sorry for not posting for a while – as a dedicated coder it has been hurting not being at my pc lately 😀 After a few big coding sessions and a bit of stuff at work I noticed my arm was getting a bit sore – didn’t improve – got worse and seems to just be coming right now only after giving it a solid rest for a week or so (no after hours coding 😦 ). I always thought OOS etc was not something to really worry about – I havent had any issues before and dont think anythings wrong now (more just a strain) but it did make me think about making sure you have your coding environment setup correctly and taking little breaks is probibly something that everyone (yes – including the hardcore coders) should do. I found one of those little mouse wrist rests from 3M seem to be pretty good (annoying at first – but really good on your arm). I dont know too much about it but its really worth the time to do a bit of a google search and find out what you should be doing to make sure you can code until the bitter end – dont want to have to call it quits early! Oh – and the stretches – do them gently – they arent supposed to hurt – can’t listen to what everyone tells you first off 😛


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