Althought this is not my first post (code is more important anyway ;-)) I thought I may as well introduce my blog, me, and its purpose…

I wasn’t really big into starting a blog myself (because I already spend too long online anyway) but I do enjoy getting tips from other peoples technical blogs. I’m also constantly playing with stuff 24/7 so I thought I may as well share some of the knowledge I get along the way – Put something back into the community so to speak. I’m one of those people that forgets what they have been up to (information overload) and have been looking for someway to collate what I’ve actually found out. This got me to make the jump to chucking it up here as I thought I may as well put it somewhere others can get a bit of a look in and share a few ideas – Basically I’m going to use the blog as a scratch pad for anything technical I’m up to (if I get time) – big or small.

I graduated at the end of 2004 / start of 2005 with a Telecommunication degree and have been working for a New Zealand based company called Intergen (the Wellington Branch). Intergen works purely in the MS space touching on all the technologies out there as quickly as possible – a lot of which I have already got to play with even only being a very juniour developer – very cool indeed. Last year I put a heap of effort into all sorts of coding bits and pieces (learnt a lot – and even discovered a few unique things at the time) but I never put it anywhere – basically lost it… This year armed with a bit better understanding of what is actually cool I decided I may as well put it out there for you guys to have a look at too.

Some of the stuff I’ve played with so far, and could give some help on, has been:

VS2005 (since late 2004), SQL2005 (mid 2005 – a lot of work in the Integration Services space – did a lot of stuff with custom components very early on), BizTalkServer2004 (early 2005 – limited knowlege here but found the quirks etc with BTS :-)), MS Vista (Installed this the day it came out :-)), WinFX – mainly WFP (Avalon) – general playing early on although I’m going to do some more of this with the CTP of the Expression Designer out now and the release finally stable, Continous Integration with CruiseControl.Net, VSTS, and over the last few months NHibernate and code generation via SqlSMO etc.

There’s lots and lots but those are the ones I can think of at the moment… Bascially, when it comes out – I do some, check what it does well, find the quirks, do something funky and then if I like it and can use it stash it away somewhere. I love hearing key words from people because I then go away and suss it out – do some examples etc. This is the info I’m hoping to share on this blog. As a side note this can be a good site to keep an eye on in terms of MS movements(http://channel9.msdn.com/)  Outside of the work workspace I love hardware design (DSP’s, microcontrollers, interfacing with devices, FPGA’s etc) so I also get right into assembler, C++, Handel-C, Matlab, Network comms, wireless, Linux, opensource components etc. With all the stuff from MS coming out recently it’s been put on the side line for a while but at some stage I’ll do some and post up what I’m working on 🙂

Some of the current work I’m looking into both in and out of work is: Best Practises with the extended features of SQL2005, SQL2005 Mobile – Writing PDA applications, NHibernate – stub solution generation, mapping generation etc – this will be an up and coming post – Trying to get some better design patterns under my belt (currently working on a MVP (http://www.martinfowler.com/eaaDev/ModelViewPresenter.html) implementation over NHibernate with a custom generation layer) and just becoming a better coder – better with the BCL, better code design etc – I’m only early in the piece but its one of those things where I like to know what I’m doing and keep up with the play 🙂

Thanks for coming for a visit – and if your into a bit of coding why not pop back sometime 🙂


One Response to “Welcome…”

  1. Neal Says:

    Don’t be fooled by his “… just a grad…” comments, you’ll be leading the old hands around here soon enough (are already from the looks of some of those pet projects). Rocking blog, keep the info coming (and I’ll be pinching all of the auto-generation code you come up with 😉 )

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